A Kiss Within A Kiss – Saira Viola


A Kiss Within A Kiss

Take this dream to  your heart
And  in leaving you now 
I avow 
That these seconds, minutes and hours 
Have offered me the strength to tower 
Over shores of tears 
And the gateway to your Soul I 
Know is gilded with Serafina’s Gold 
And I will follow you 
To that dreamscape  
Where night turns to day 
And Wizards and Fairies 
Climb the staircase  
To love’s  hallowed ground


2 thoughts on “A Kiss Within A Kiss – Saira Viola

  1. I find it interesting that the love ground that the author is speaking of must be within a dream where the Fairies and Wizards roam. Also that the dream, or the minutes and hours spent within it, has given them strength to move beyond the tears and into the soul – kissing the soul and loving the person in the dream. The poem is slightly sad in nature due to the fact that the kisses and hallowed ground of love must be sought out within the dream but at the same time it could be completely romantic and a vision of a wonderful kind of love.

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