Snake Song

_00Collage abstract20zz6a

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble !

Tabloid Tricks
Porking babysitters
Big dick pics
Rolling sleaze
On a plasma screen
Penny stocks rock dollar dreams
Start up tech bubble bursts at the seams
Scandal sheets sell motor ads
Insurance scams
And Pension plans
Film stars fight to be recognised
Racist wars in black and white
Good cop bad cop
On equal pay
Ballers pitching easy prey
Kierkegaard speaks through Gifs and memes
New society too ‘bored’, to read
Trippin on a trivia stream
Fleecing beggars and refugees
Snake eyes scoring for trophy lays
Virgin flowers ready to slay
Greasy spoon banter pricks
High five jives and lying lips
Morning smiles mask sad goodybyes
Lights go out !
And the peaceable kingdom
Comes crumbling down . Art Work Unitas Quick ©




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