Crack Apple and Pop : Crime Fiction Novel

Alex Post
“At it’s heart, Crack Apple and Pop is a social satire with dark elements. I was reminded a little of Kurt Vonnegut’s novels such as Deadeye Dick in which well-developed characters were used by the author as instruments of social commentary. As in those novels, author Saira Viola intersperses dark humor among the satirical commentary and gritty backdrops. As a result, the elements of Crack Apple and Pop meld together into a kind of literary gravy that readers will love to consume. The story flows well also. The narrative isn’t bogged down due to excessive commentary”

Michael Gagnon :
“Raw and visceral postmodernism that is emotionally penetrating. That’s the kind of story you will get with Crack Apple and Pop. Saira Viola paints a tangible and gritty urban environment as the backdrop to an engrossing crime suspense story that combines the darkest crime thrillers with the utmost ridiculousness of modern celebrity….”


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